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Redefining Sustainability

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we’re focused on bringing unparalleled packaging performance and innovation to redefine sustainability for customers. We think of sustainability in a global and holistic way. This means we take action every day to deliver circular solutions to our customers, reduce our impact on the environment, drive sustainable operations, and empower our employees to grow.
It’s about doing more (and using less). For you, for our employees, for our customers, for the communities in which we work, and of course, for our world.


Ensure our workforce goes home safe, every day.


Increase the use of recycled material in our products.


Reduce our carbon footprint.


Extend the life cycle of the materials we use.

2019 Sustainability Reporting

Our legacy companies have given us a strong base on which to build an integrated sustainability approach. This inaugural report reflects our performance at the start of that journey, as we continue to align and refine our sustainability activities as one company.

The report is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and reflects the company’s continued commitment to corporate social responsibility and transparency.

The report reflects the company’s continued commitment to corporate social responsibility and transparency.
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Empowering People

Our Greatest Asset

Our employees are the key to our success. We prioritize their safety and wellbeing, along with their work satisfaction, through training and development programs and by fostering a collaborative work environment - acting with integrity and respect across our operations and value chain.

We prioritize safety, wellbeing, and work satisfaction.


Employee safety is more than just a priority, it’s a core value and integral part of our culture. We aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for all those who work for and with our company. We take a three-pronged approach to ensure a safe environment for all employees through investment and training, leadership, and mutual accountability.

  • Investment & Training
    We are investing substantially in our people, equipment, and processes. Investments include ergonomic improvements, machine guarding enhancements, increased use of robotics, and behavior based training.
  • Leadership
    Safety is an attitude. Leaders are committed to ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of our business.
  • Mutual Accountability
    Safety is a personal commitment to reduce risks, prevent harm, and encourage safe behaviors. Safety depends on everyone.

Training AND Development

We know that in order to build high-performing teams, it is vitally important to help our employees develop and grow. Our success depends on the people who create our products and services.

  • Apprenticeship Program
    Our apprenticeship program leverages the expertise of current employees to train the next generation of employees. The program combines practice, theory, and on-the-job training to help participants develop mechanical and electrical skills over a three-year period.
  • Frontline Leadership Program
    The Front Line Leadership program is designed to help current and future managers and supervisors become more effective leaders by teaching the skills needed to effectively communicate, create a positive work environment, handle different personalities, and foster team success.
  • Tuition Reimbursement
    We encourage employees to pursue opportunities for advancement and growth through continuing education. Our tuition reimbursement program is available as part of our North America benefits package. 

Community Involvement

Our community involvement activities are driven by locally identified issues and needs around each of our facilities. Whether through charitable giving or volunteer activities, our facilities find the most meaningful contributions our company can make.

Our team of employees is passionate about improving the communities where we live and work.
Supporting the Circular Economy - Products & Services

From Linear to Circular

We’re proud that our integrated life cycle management capabilities have a positive sustainability impact – not only for us, but also for our partners. Through our manufacturing, reconditioning, reuse and recycling services, we’re diverting packaging waste from landfills and reducing its impact on the environment.

Our vision is to provide a truly closed loop packaging system.

Our Network is Key to Enabling a Circular Economy

With more than 80 reconditioning and recycling facilities around the world, our global collection and return network is key to enabling a circular economy. When a container reaches the end of its usable life and is no longer suitable for reconditioning, we recycle what cannot be used. Steel materials are sent to external steel recycling parties while plastic materials are recycled in-house at one of our six recycling facilities. High quality recycled resin, called Recolene, is used to manufacture our own packaging.

We believe packaging should be used more than once.
6.7M Intermediate Bulk Containers Reconditioned
2.85M Steel Drums Reconditioned
1.4M Plastic Drums Reconditioned
36,686 Metric Tonnes of Post-Consumer Resin Converted
Protecting the enviroment

Using Resources Efficiently

We strive to offer customers the most sustainable packaging solutions possible, and we know that operating our own business in an environmentally sustainable way is an important part of that. Responsibly using natural resources by conserving material and energy, coupled with innovation in processes and products, are core elements of our business philosophy.

We strive to offer customers the most sustainable packaging solutions possible.

Close the packaging lifecycle

We extend the lifecycle of materials through our reconditioning and recycling services.

Source Sustainably

We incorporate recycled content in our metal, plastic and fiber products whenever possible. Several of our products are made with 100% recycled content.

Support Recycling

We strive to make our products 100% recyclable and, whenever possible, create packaging with extended lifecycles.

Operate Efficiently

Continuously streamline and standardize processes while exploring technology that helps us conserve material and energy.

Reduce our carbon footprint

We return packaging to the market and invest in technologies that reduce our greenhouse gas emission.

Work locally, think globally

Strategically located facilities ensure products and services are available closer to the end user.

Optimize design

Less is more. We continue to innovate to reduce the amount of raw material used in our products, while maintaining product strength and integrity.

Our Policies

Our policies reflect our core values and commitment to corporate responsibility.

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We are commited to hepling our clients with their sustainability efforts for packaging needs. 

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The report reflects the company’s continued commitment to corporate social responsibility and transparency.

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