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Plastic Tight-Head Containers & Jerrycans
Blow-Molded tight-head containers, jerrycans and Fassetts® in a variety of sizes

Innovative packaging that protects important products

Mauser Packaging Solutions understands your need for durable, impact-resistant packaging that delivers valuable liquids safely to end users. Our customizable packaging solutions help companies around the world keep their people safe, their products flowing and their brand front and center.

Mauser Packaging Solutions is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of blow-molded plastic tight-head containers and jerrycans. Containers are available in a vast range of sizes, shapes and colors, with a variety of closures and dispensing options to choose from.

Plastic tight-head containers are ideal for various industries, including flavorings, fragrances, cleaning solutions, building products, hydroponics, chemicals, agrochemicals and much more.

Containers are blow-molded with high-density polyethylene and meet FDA and EU packaging requirements. Several of our facilities are GFSI- and BRC-certified for the ultimate assurance that your packaging meets the industry’s most stringent food and safety requirements.

Containers are UN- and DOT-approved for various packaging groups without the need for an outer pack carton. Our tight-heads undergo rigorous testing in our own UN-certified lab.

Various handle options are available for improved ergonomics. We also provide the option to contain volatiles and hydrocarbons.

We provide customers with freight and supply chain advantages, with manufacturing facilities in the NAFTA region that are close to major consumption points.


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Stack It Better with Jerrycans and Fassetts®

While all Mauser Packaging Solutions jerrycans offer ideal features for liquids, our Fassett® is purpose-built for high filling weights and high stacking requirements. Dimensions fit Euro Pallets and other standard pallets, and both models are UN-approved for a variety of liquid products.

A More Sustainable Solution

To help customers reduce their environmental impact and get more life out of their packaging, Mauser Packaging Solutions tight-head containers, jerrycans and Fassetts® are reconditionable and recyclable.