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Fishing & Agriculture
Mauser Packaging Solutions produces barrels, nest/stack boxes (berry boxes) and lidded containers

Durable products for land and sea

In the fishing and agriculture industry, your precious product goes on a long, arduous journey from the sea or land to the supermarket. Protect your produce, fish, roe and caviar products every step of the way with Mauser Packaging Solutions’ durable, versatile plastic containers designed specifically for your unique needs.

We offer barrels, nest/stack boxes (berry boxes), seedling trays and lidded containers for every step of the harvest, transportation and processing process—as well as durable floats to help protect nets, traps and other equipment.

All products are designed to withstand harsh environments, can be stored efficiently between uses, and are easy to clean and disinfect.

To help protect our oceans and other valuable natural resources, Mauser Packaging Solutions plastic fishing products are all 100% recyclable.

Download the Multipot and Seedling Tray Product Brochure Here

Download the Ship 'n Shore Tote Product Brochure Here