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Egg Trays
Reusable Plastic Egg Tray

Protective egg trays for delicate cargo

For over 20 years, our innovative egg tray design has proven itself protecting fragile eggs during transport. Made from durable, FDA-approved HDPE, Mauser Packaging Solutions egg trays are resistant to temperature fluctuations and harsh detergents.

They’re also easy to clean and disinfect, and they fit most grading and washing systems.

Cone openings accommodate a variety of egg sizes, so there is no need to purchase additional trays. Cone openings also provide better air circulation for faster cooling of eggs and better temperature control.

The stronger and thicker perimeter of our new egg tray design also improves maneuverability and grip for robotic pickers. Choose from a variety of colors for easy grower identification.

Easily storable between uses, 100 empty trays will efficiently stack in a nest less than 21 inches high. And their sturdy construction enables them to be used over and over again—for years.