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Dairy Containers

Better dairy container designs for fresher-tasting foods

Mauser Packaging Solutions dairy containers preserve the taste and freshness of food to ensure a delicious end-user experience. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they’re ideal for ice cream, cultured products, Italian ice, powdered products, consumer foods and many other applications.

Our dairy packaging meets FDA and EU requirements, and several of our facilities are GFSI-, BRC-, IMS- and AIB-certified.

Freezer-grade resins create a rugged package for use in a wide range of temperatures. Our dairy containers undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure they maintain the safety and quality of your product, and a tight seal helps preserve the taste and freshness of food while preventing the formation of ice crystals. Plastic handles are available on some models for easier transport. Full decoration is available on container bodies and covers to help your brand stand out.

A recessed lid design for our scoop shop containers permits stable stacking of filled containers, and ridges on the container hold it securely to the scooping cabinet.

To reduce environmental impact, Mauser Packaging Solutions dairy containers are 100% recyclable.