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Paint Cans
Our metal and hybrid paint cans are are available in a number of different sizes.

Our paint cans are proven performers in the marketplace and hold paints and coatings made by brands that have been trusted household names for decades. Full decorating capabilities are available on all cans to ensure your company’s brand identity stands out on the store shelf.

Our network of manufacturing plants and distributor partners across the United States enable us to deliver cans quickly and efficiently to your packaging facilities. Our durable packaging is resealable and built to withstand the rigors of the industry and the elements.

Options are available that incorporate recycled materials. As another benefit, every one of our products is 100% recyclable.

Metal Paint Cans


Ideal for paints, coatings, adhesives and other applications, our metal cans have been embraced for years by large, medium and small manufacturers alike. The breadth and depth of our paint can line is what sets us apart in the industry. We make a large variety of sizes from 1/4 pint to 1 gallon, with or without linings.

Gray or gold epoxy phenolic linings are available with an environmentally friendly, product-resistant powder stripe placed over the side seam. Paint cans with optional locking rings (ARMLOKS) enhance sealing and can be certified to UN Performance-Oriented Packaging (Part 173.27) and US Postal Service and UPS requirements.


And to prevent paint from migrating out of cans, while ensuring the cans remain easy to open, rings and plugs have three points of contact (tripletite). Full decoration is available on cans and plugs for the finishing touch.


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Hybrid Containers


Perfect for latex paints, colorants and other water-based substances, our hybrid containers provide a durable, cost-effective and sustainable option for manufacturers.

Cans are constructed of recycled polypropylene with metal rings and plugs. Plastic cans provide extra resistance to rust and dents. Gray linings are available on rings and plugs, and full decoration is available on cans and plugs.


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