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Aerosol Cans

Elevating packaging and top brands

Our aerosol cans meet rigorous industry requirements, as well as the needs of end users in household, personal-care, industrial and other applications.

Customers benefit from our continuous investment in the latest production and processing technology, ensuring innovative and reliable product solutions. And our creative design capabilities give your brands the retail shelf presence they deserve.

Mauser Packaging Solutions isn’t just an aerosol can supplier: we also provide training that helps customers understand the aerosol can manufacturing process and how formula changes to their products may affect the cans.
Aerosol cans are available with or without linings and varnished bottoms. Necked-in and straight-sided models are available in a variety of sizes. And four-color and hexagraphic lithography provides high-quality design reproduction to help your brand get noticed.

Some of the most trusted consumer brands—including popular cleaning and home-care products—are packaged in our cans. 

Cans are 100% recyclable and contain a minimum of 25% recycled content.


Download product brochure – Aerosol Straight-Sided Cans

Download product brochure – Aerosol Necked-In Cans