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Ammunition Boxes
Mauser Packaging Solutions produces the highest-quality ammo boxes

Meeting ammunition storage needs for over 60 years

When it comes to storing and transporting ammunition, personnel safety and product integrity are paramount.

As a manufacturer of ammo boxes for 60 years and counting, Mauser Packaging Solutions produces the highest-quality rustproof and leakproof boxes that meet stringent specifications.

These rugged and stackable boxes and cans are designed for military uses including storing ammunition, mortars, grenades and flares. They also serve private industry and consumers in the hunting equipment industry. Each box or can is individually tested for air- and watertightness.

Covers have convenient drop-down handles for portability and are removable and resealable for easy access and reuse.

Mauser Packaging Solutions stronghold boxes are available in a variety of sizes and meet specific U.S. Department of Defense and international requirements.